From real-time render 3D products to the virtual reality store: the immersive evolution of the shopping experience.


In recent years, consumers have adopted new digital behaviors, turning to the online for their purchases, and the events currently happening worldwide are accelerating this process.
inVRsion’s v-commerce store provides a thoroughly engaging, highly personalized, immersive experience with brands and their products, pushing e-commerce to new frontiers.
During this webinar, inVRsion will guide you through an immersive journey made of multi-channel 3D Digital Twins, virtual stores and showrooms towards its concept of v-commerce and why it can really make the difference for your business.


Luca Zini e Fabrizio Dini

Luca Zini:
Born in 1982, Luca Zini started in 2002 his career as a graphic designer. From 2008 to 2013 he owned a design studio focused on branding, graphics and web development. He has been full professor of graphic design and multimedia at LABA fine art academy in Brescia (Italy) from 2008 to 2018. In 2017 he joined inVRsion leading the UX team, designing B2B solutions and the future of the virtual reality shopping experience.
Fabrizio Dini:
inVRsion's COO Fabrizio Dini has a Degree in Industrial Design at the Politecnico University in Milan. With over 20 years experience in supervising 3d Art Teams, he has been Executive Manager of big productions and has gained expertise as lead 3D technician. He has broad experience in leading large development teams and has worked for several years in leading software companies in AAA+ (Triple-A-Plus distributed by middle-size to major publishers) game industry titles.

h. 15:00
(Roma, UTC+1)



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